Healthy Life, Happy Life

Since its inception, YoshiTeam has been involved in the research and development of health care products for many years, including: hydrogen health products, health food products and other health equipment. We not only produce our own brands, but also cooperate with international manufacturers and introduce international quality products.

Brand Founder -Joe Wong, the founder of Fuji-Fines International Business Division, established Fuyoshi and Soyoshi according to their product specialties. In 2020, Fuji-Fines and AQUA LEMEILLEUR, the hydrogen product brand of Fuji Fines Japan, developed the world’s first automatic hydrogen water dispenser for pets. The company’s success is driven by the market demand and the Japanese company’s insistence on quality and attention to detail, making each of its products widely used in the fields of beauty, fitness and health care for people and pets.

We can pursue a better quality of life, but how to take care of our bodies and those of our pets is the most important issue of our time. With a healthy body, other pursuits will have value. YoshiTeam Health Group was established to realize the core value of “Healthy Life, Happy Life” and to bring the concept of “Great Health” into every family step by step.

Peace of mind”, “Safety” and “High performance” are the highest principles that we are committed to in our brand management. This is our commitment to each and every consumer.

Message from the CEO

HEALTHY LIFE, HAPPY LIFE” is the core value of the brand. Environmental pollution includes air, water, soil, etc. Among them, “water” has the most profound impact on health. Healthy water has been upgraded from the basic demand of clean water to the era of functional water, clean water can no longer meet the corresponding disease prevention, and healthy functional water that can more actively provide health functions is bound to become the future trend and mainstream. CEO Mr. Wong explained the original intention of founding the brand.

“To be successful, we need the cooperation of each and every link. A sound and efficient team is definitely the key to success or failure in business!

The team must not suffer from internal depletion. If one of the team members withdraws, the team will have to pay a higher price and cost to compensate. This is a unique insight into management from CEO Wong, who has received rigorous training at Panasonic Corporation in Japan. The reason is very simple: because things are done by people, how can things be right if people are not right? Because of this, CEO Wong has a charismatic leadership style that allows everyone on the team to excel and willingly contribute to the team to work together toward the goal. It is the business owner’s responsibility to provide strategies and operational guidelines for his employees to develop, but to ask them to deliver a good report card is like asking for fish on a log, and in the end, they will only gradually drift apart, causing internal conflict and harming each other rather than themselves.

When evaluating whether something is feasible or not, CEO Wong always says “how to reduce the failure rate is the criterion to increase the success rate”. His judgment often comes from the logic of “what is right becomes right and what is wrong becomes wrong”, which means that when practices and thinking are in line with common sense and market trends, the chances of success will naturally increase; on the contrary, unless one takes a chance, it is not surprising to encounter the risk of failure. How to minimize the failure rate? Three wins (customer, company, and third party) are absolutely necessary to win back the market together. Business is about honesty and trust, and even the best contract is not as good as a sincere attitude of cooperation. The contract is made to show mutual trust, not self-protective legal protection, which is the principle of CEO Wong.

One who wants to accomplish a big and difficult undertaking should start with easier things first and make sure that all details are attended to.


Nothing is simple, and if things are too simple from the beginning and details are neglected, it is bound to cause a big failure that can hardly be remedied. Details are the foundation, and the establishment of a brand means insistence on details, otherwise it is difficult for a company to develop sustainably. Our products have more details, including professional knowledge, product design, promotion, material application, technical ability, quality control, etc.”. From the determined and confident eyes of CEO Wong, we look forward to seeing the light of Taiwan shine on the world stage!

Founder of Soyoshi
Fuyoshi Brand Founder
Co-founder of Fuji Fines International Division

Mr. Wong