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Pets Hospice Hospital, a peaceful place for fur kids at the end of their lives

From professional medical treatment, health management, long term care, religion, and pet spirituality, we have built the most advanced environment and medical equipment.

Fuyoshi "shoots three arrows" to expand the health market in Central Asia

2021-07-22 In recent, the company has been actively cooperating with manufacturing and assembly plants in India, Taiwan and Japan to expand its distribution channels and seek partnerships.

Fuyoshi is the world's firstly developed the hydrogen water dispenser for fur babies.

2021-01-09 Japanese brand entered Taiwan and won international patent certification to improve the quality of healthy drinking water for fur babies

Fuyoshi is the Sole Distributor for Fuji-Fines Automatic Hydrogen Water Dispenser for Pets

2020-12-27 Fuyoshi, the Sole Agent of the Japan Fuji-Fines, firstly launched  the world full-functional automatic water dispenser for pets.

Soyoshi's Portable Hydrogen Inhaler Promotes the New Idea of Easy Healthcare

2019-09-25 Soyoshi Introduces new products for sub-health for all nation

Soyoshi portable hydrogen inhaler "Easy Healthcare"

Soyoshi was established to realize the core value of “Healthy Life, Happy Life” and to bring the concept of “Great Health” into every family step by step.

Soyoshi portable hydrogen inhaler "Light & Fashion"

Soyoshi hydrogen inhaler "Drinking healthy water is more at ease"

Soyoshi hydrogen inhaler "Light & Fashion"

The so-called “You can’t live without oxygen, and you can’t live good without hydrogen.”Soyoshi portable hydrogen inhaler “HG-004” provide the best professional product for people who value health and love sports.

Soyoshi portable hydrogen inhaler realize the new concept of "Great Health" that the value of "Healthy Life, Happy Life"

Pets Hospice Hospital, a peaceful place for fur kids at the end of their lives