Healthy Life Happy Life

YoshiLife : a life of elegance and great vitality.


Healthy Life, Happy Life” brings the concept of “great health” into every family step by step. In addition to the pursuit of quality of life, health care is more important. With health, the rest of the pursuit will have value. We have been developing health care products for many years, including hydrogen health products, health food and other health equipment. We not only develop and produce our own products and brands, but also cooperate with international and domestic manufacturers.

Our mission & approach

We will work together to win back the market by upholding the spirit of three wins (customer, company, and synergy). The best contract is not as good as the sincere cooperation attitude. Contracts are made to show mutual trust, not self-protective legal protection. We integrate international research and development, production, and branding according to product specialties to allow flexibility in marketing and cooperation in the international market. We have been successful in managing our business based on market demand, and our products are widely used in the fields of beauty, fitness and health care for people and pets.

The values that define YoshiTeam's spirit

YoshiTeam brand spirit: “Security”, “Safety” and “High performance” are our important promises to consumers. Each product is inherited from the Japanese company’s insistence on quality and attention to detail. With third-party international supervision of manufacturing and professional inspection certification, consumers can use safe and secure. Professional and sophisticated design meets aesthetics, humanization, and functionality to show the uniqueness and refinement of the market, from the function to the appearance, we take every detail seriously.

Three YoshiTeam business principles

“Japanese technical cooperation”, “international supervision of manufacturing”, “global synchronization of the market” we have implemented!   When consumers get our products, not only the quality and reasonable price of the products are fully guaranteed. Our products are also recognized in Southeast Asia, Europe and America, and even back to Japan, in all environments and countries.

Get to know our CEO

Joe Wong

  • Established YoshiTeam brand
  • Established Soyoshi brand
  • Found FUYOSHI R&D Company
  • Established FUYOSHI brand
  • Co-founded Fuji-Fines International Division and CEO
  • Established the first Taiwanese shareholder of Fuji-Fines
  • Established Dia-b the brand
  • Established sales company Sheng Zhan Corp.