Japanese Technical Cooperation
Inherit the "quality insistence" and "detail requirement" of Japanese enterprise
★We discuss and design with Japan for both appearance and technology.
International Supervision of Manufacturing
All of our products are supervised by a third professional company. Ltd.
★Manufacturing Supervised by Japan株式会社キュリオ ネクスト
★Manufacturing Supervised by Japan Orient Pharmaceuticals Co.
★We have plants in China, Japan, Taiwan, and India ( multiple countries can be shipped in the future)
Simultaneous global launch
Not only serve Taiwan customers, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and even back to Japan, at the same time processing in order to give consumers the best service.
★Shenzhen, North China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia company established and other countries
★Sold to USA, UK, Ireland, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia

Public Support

Professional Certification

Simultaneous global  launch!

Saudi Arabia
  • 完全優整合醫學診所 105台北市松山區南京東路三段303巷6弄11號
    +886 2 6600-9143
  • 林口三井Outlet-狗日子寵物精品館1樓 244新北市林口區文化三路一段356號​
    +886 2 2606-8123​
  • 板橋魏啥麻寵物文創​ 22063新北市板橋區忠孝路64巷12號1樓​
    +886 2 2962-2778
  • 升湛股份有限公司 338桃園市蘆竹區經國路906號
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  • 嘉義法拉自然莊園​ 600嘉義市西區力行街7號​
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  • 鈦安有限公司 814高雄市仁武區仁勇路58號
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  • 高雄水芝源生活事業有限公司​ 830高雄市鳳山區中崙四路19號​
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